Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Great Granny meets Shiloh!

My Grandmother was recently moved to a personal care home. She is very confused. The good thing is that she new me and she seems happy. She didn't remember Chuck or Dakota, but she still seemed to be happy to meet the kids when we visited a few weeks ago. Granny always loved having a garden and kept busy canning and cooking. She always made gravy and biscuits for me when I was growing up and the most profound thing I ever remember her saying was that she was so proud that all her children and grandchildren were saved. At the time, I didn't get how profound that really was, but as I wait and wonder about the decision my own girls will one day make, I realize this statement was more than just a simple one.

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andrea said...

Amen Sister...the MOST important decision one will ever make!