Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shiloh's Craniofacial Visit...

Friday Shiloh, Poppy and myself headed downtown for a visit the the Craniofacial team at Chidlren's Healthcare of Atlanta. This is the team that will take care of Shiloh's palate issues. We saw a number of team members including the physician, speech therapist, social worker, nurse, and she had a hearing test done which she passed. It looks like for now we work on her speech and let her adjust to the family. Next week we visit the Dental Team and then the ENT. The Palate physician said he would want to do surgery to raise the nose and to close a hole in her gum sometime around the age of 5. (The ears are full grown at around 5 and they use cartilage from the ear to raise the nose.) Depending on her speech he may need to lengthen the palate at that time if her speech is not good. The dental team may want to put her to sleep to clean her teeth but they will only do this if the ENT decides that she needs ear tubes...that way she is only given anesthesia the one time. This is the good thing about the team, they work together to make everything best for the child at one time. So we should know more on this next week. The ear tubes are important for helping her hear better so she will be able to speak better. After finding out that her heart issues are very minimal with no further need for medical care and now seeing that all she needs for now may be ear tubes and teeth cleaning.....we feel incredibly blessed. When we first got Shiloh's file we were worried that her diagnosis might be more than we could handle, but it was such an easy decision. I know know why...God knew all along this was our child and that she had what we could handle. Shiloh continues to adjust pretty well. We still have some nightime hours of crying but she does well all day. Let me just say SHE IS BUSY! I think we have a hyperactive child here. I cannot get one mess she made cleaned up before she makes 3 others. She climbs anything and everything and you never know what you will find where? Example....I was rinsing dishes to put in the dishwasher and found a pair of flip flops in the did that happen? She and Dakota play pretty well but again it hasn't taken long for them to each learn how to aggravate the other. I cannot hold Dakota for very long before Shiloh tries to push her out of my lap. It is pretty interesting when both want to be in my lap. At night, we all 4 get in the king bed and watch Hannah Montana or iCarly until the two girls doze off. Then everyone is moved into thier own bed for the night....or not!

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