Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dakota's school visit

Yesterday morning we spent two hours at Dakota's school. We met her teacher Ms. Gable and took a tour of the school. Dakota stayed in the classroom while I went to the cafeteria to listen to the priniciple and PTA folks. Dakota was very independant and wanted me to leave, so I suspect the first day of school will not be very traumatic for her. They took the kids for a ride on the bus and Dakota hopped on the bus but told me I had to wait on her instead of ride with I said Ms. independant. This is one of the highest rated schools in Georgia and I can see why. They have a lot to offer the media lab weekely, art lab, PE, Music, and the list goes on. Dakota even gets a choice at lunch... for now between two lines and after christmas the Kindergarteners can visit the salad bar. I think they get them ac climated little by little. Dakota will start school on Monday the 9th and she will also begin going to the afterschool program so she can learn the routine. (this was suggested by the afterschool ladies, who said it would be best for her to start with everyone so there is no question about the routine and where she goes when school is over.) So while I am off work, I can pick her up early from the program, but she will be able to get use to the routine.  The day visit to school was fun and though I thought I would be sad, I wasn't....I am so excited for her and she is too!

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