Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Two weeks and counting down...

Just two weeks until we leave for China. I still cannot believe after the last two and a half years we are finally to this moment. We have our things about packed, but there is still so much to do. Chuck and I each have a list of things to take care of before leaving. Now is the first time we have both gotten nervous since beginning this process. Think about it, we are going to fly over 7000 miles one way to be in a city where we know no one, where we do not know the language, where we will not have a clue what a street sign says and where we will be handed a two year old who probably hasn't a clue who we are or what is happening to her....can you say panick attack! Well, we are not in panick mode, but maybe in heightened awareness. I am just stressing over leaving Dakota for 17 days. Of course she will be fine with my mom, but I will miss her terribly. She is excited to stay with Nana, as there are 2 keylime pies waiting on her. (Her absolute favorite!) I am working hard at my job to tie up lose ends and make sure things will be covered while I am gone. We are working to have things ready for Shiloh here at home. It is interesting planning for a two year old instead of a newborn. I have enjoyed emailing and watching the blogs of some of my renegade friends who are in China now getting their beautiful girls. I have also enjoyed reading the blog from Zoey's mother as Shiloh and Zoey are from the same orphanage. As these families come home we will be leaving for this incredible journey of a lifetime! We can hardly wait to hold Shiloh and bring her home to a sister who has waited long and hard and prayed as much as anyone to have her here.

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