Thursday, June 24, 2010

Post 6-25-10

HongMei Shiloh didn't sleep well last night...too much caffeine I am sure since she downed the left over Coke from Baba. So no more caffeine for this girl! She would not go to sleep unless she was fully laying on top of me. Once asleep I could put her down and she would sleep for a while and then we started the whole thing over again several times during the night. We found out at dinner last night that she doesn't understand the word "Boo" (No!) as she showed out at dinner. She wanted to throw the plates, spoons and forks and climb from the chair to the ledge in the window where she would have fallen once if I didn't catch her, so finally I had to raise my voice a little and I think made her mad taking things away from her. She has learned that I take it away if she throws it. She then sat and didn't move for a little while but shortly after went to sleep. (Thank heavens in America the high chairs usually have a strap...that will be the better plan.) I have also decided that we need a crib in Guangzhou, as once she is asleep she moves all over the bed and the crib might feel more like home to her and I might sleep better myself. We are packed and ready to go this morning as our flight to GZ leaves at 7pm tonight. We will check out of the hotel at 1pm and our van to the airport arrives at I guess we will have a few hours in the lobby to wait but this is a really nice hotel so not much trouble to do so. Hongmei Shiloh is sitting on the desk as I type this and playing with Play-doh but the good thing is she must know what it is as she is not trying to eat it. She enjoyed bubbles for a little while but she likes to be doing something with her hands, so the cups, straws and spoons in the room are fun for her with cheerios and play-doh! Chuck enjoyed his last Buffet meal here at the hotel in Hohhot last night. (Some kind of spicy hot unknown noodle and chicken goolash???) Then he enjoyed a grilled fish (probably out of the river down the street) of which he ate the head and eyeballs...he said it was very tasty...I said "YUK" and continued to eat my Mushroom soup which was homemade and very good. Poppy enjoyed a homemade style pizza with shrimp, pineapple, corn, tomatoes and cheese...almost like home. We have enjoyed the Springhardt Family being her with us and their Son is really a cutie pie! We are looking forward to the shopping and Amercian style food in GZ. We are also looking forward to meeting our original travel famillies and seeing their children. I am sad that Shiloh is leaving all she has know but in just the few days we have had her, she has already blossomed. Poppy thinks she is very smart as she picks things up very quickly. Baba thinks she is beautiful and Mama is just glad to have her in my arms. It really is daughter by birth when the odds were against it and one daughter through adoption which is not an easy process, but the Turner family is now a family of four forever! I wouldn't change a thing!


Anonymous said...

safe travels to GZ...glad to hear things are going well...shiloh is a normal 2.5 year old testing the grounds of what she can and can't get away with.

enjoy GZ...jenna & i will prepared for funky food in hothot ;) can't wait to be in the same place you are girl.


Anonymous said...

Shiloh is beautiful as is Dakota. They will be great friends as well as sisters. Can't wait to see more pictures of Shiloh and pictures of the Turner Family - all 4 of you! Have a safe trip back to GZ and enjoy the rest of the time you have in China. Be safe!



Anonymous said...

How wonderful it is to see all of you together!!! Can't wait to see all of you on July 2nd. We'll be at the airport cheering you home! Love yall! Cindy

The Straight's said...

She is SO adorable!! Enjoy your last week in China :)