Wednesday, June 23, 2010

6-24-10 Post

*Make sure to scroll down to the next post after this one. I was able to retrieve some pictures from Kim's Kodak Gallery to post. The Forever Family Moments are on the bottom. JENNA

Hongmei is doing so well. She really has a funny little personality. She loves to play and hide things from us. I think she is pretty much my "velcro" kid. She will not let Chuck and Poppy do too much for her. She slept all night and this morning she was sleepy so she is down for a nap right now. Yesterday evening we went to a park here in must have been a Marine park at one time, but is kind of run down at this point. Still lots of people. We really get some stares from the people in Hohhot. Again it is rare that they see caucasion people, much less families like us with Chinese babies. (We were with our friends last night that had their son.) I do think the people here are interested in learning about us. Some will ask if they speak English. Most only want to laugh when they are able to say "How are you?" and have us respond. The lady dressed like a clown in McDonalds saw us and brought Hongmei a baloon, but the lady asked our guide Cindy about how she so easily communicated with us. She sees lots of tourists and wants to speak English better and more comfortably. Cindy assured her, that she was clear to me, that she has to do like us and just try more often and not be afraid to try. I understood her perfectly. She smiled. Crossing the street at dinner time or rush hour makes me nervous...there really is no method or is a free for all at your own risk. Hongmei is interested in Nana and Dakota when we skype...she can say "Nana" and "JeJe" though it is hard to understand. "Mama" is loud and clear as she calls me when it is time to potty, if she drops something, if she wants something and to get my attention. Funny how "Mama" is universal! She will take Baba and Yeye a bit of cheerios if I ask her to. She enjoys playing with a little metal coffee spoon and all the cups and Dakota your little Mei Mei will be good at playing house and tea party with you! I put a little water in the bowls and she will play for a long time and drink it wanting more water...she really drinks well from a bowl but cannot do to well with a bottle or can. Yesterday, I sat Hongmei up on the desk with me so I could look at the computer issues which still are a problem. She played and played looking in the mirror at herself. (Maybe that is something new?) She also emptied out the wipes and now keeps her crayons in the disposable bag...we had to take the crayons to dinner. She puts them in counting in Chinese and takes them out counting them. She is neat, not wanting anything out of place and no food or sticky things on her hands. We found formula for her and one bottle so she can have one morning and night, as she probably needs the nutrition. She seems to want to nurse on the bottle for sleeping, however just a bit ago, I got her down for a nap holding her how I saw the Nanny holding her yesterday when she slept...hey whatever works! So things are going very well. I do not think Shiloh is grieving too badly...sometimes she gets a little quiet like she is thinking but she has not called out for anyone. So today is a free day here and our guide Cindy picks up some paperwork for us this afternoon at one of the government buidlings. Tomorrow we wait until the afternoon for Hongmei's passport and once we have it, then we fly out tomorrow night to Guangzhou. We have a 7pm flight and get there after midnight and then have to be up early for Hongmei to have her physical....I think I am already tired but looking forward to GZ and catching up with my Renegade buddies who now have their children. GZ is more "americanized" from what I hear, so we can find better food and lot's of shopping!!! It will be a little sad to leave Hohhot as this is where Hongmei was born and we will be leaving that part of her life behind, but we are now on the journey to her new life as Shiloh and this is the next step. I have been able to upload pictures to my KodakGallery and am hoping pictures will be on our blog soon! If not maybe it will work in GZ!


Anonymous said...

Congrats! The pictures are priceless! She is so adorable. Kaylynn just saw the pictures and she said Shiloh is very cute. She can't wait to meet her and neither can I. The first family pictures are great! She looks very content with you. Can't wait to hear more about your adventures and see your pictures.



PS - I'm nearly finished with her afghan. Hopefully by the time that we see you when you get back!

Kathy Marshall said...

Kim & Chuck,
Shiloh HOng Mei is SO ADORABLE!!! Her personaity really comes out in her pictures! I can't wait to give her a big hug and kiss!!!!
Love Kathy