Monday, June 14, 2010

Our Official TA is here!!!!!

So we now have the last piece of paperwork actually in our hands!!! The Travel Approval is a really pretty document. I made color copies of it so I can keep one. The original is needed in China. So here we are less than 38 hours until we leave....and frankly we are doing well. Chuck and I have everything packed as we will stay tomorrow night at my parents house. Two bags, two backpacks...amazing and under the 44 pound limit in the bags. WE DID IT! Dakota and I shopped a little bit today and ran a few errands. It has been a nice day off with her and we will still have tomorrow. She and I played barbies and worked a few puzzles. She hasn't said much about us leaving, almost as if she is resolved to remain home and has accepted it. Hope I am that brave on Wed. morning. And then I think about prepared she may or may not be. We are not even sure what she may know about us, but even if she has been told her parents from America are coming, what does a 2 year old really get about that?

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