Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All Packed and Sitting on Ready!!!!

Here we are, all packed and ready. Dakota is really excited that she will finally be a big sister after waiting and praying for 2.5 years! She knows to count 17 days and we will be home with her sister! She is being very brave about us leaving. (Not sure I am doing as well, but I know she will be fine!) We are so excited to be taking off on this journey to bring Shiloh HongMei Turner home forever. Our flight leaves tomorrow morning at 7:30am for JFK and later that evening we take off for Beijing. I will post as often as I can so everyone will know how things are going. We are ready!

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Kathy Marshall said...

I was praying for you guys this morning in the car at the time you were taking off. I love you guys and will be checking in on you constantly!!!Kathy