Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 23...a new day!

Sorry for all you guys waiting on a picture of our precious girl. I didn't even have access to my email until last night and had been using my dads. Now dad's isn't working and mine will not allow me to attached pictures....any of you guys who know another way, send me an email. I need Geek Squad help!!! We got up early. I woke at 5am and Hongmei and Baba shortly after. Hongmei got her first shower this morning after a little snack of cheerios which she seemed to enjoy. She cried for the bath and YeYe (Poppy) could hear her next door, but once she was done with the shower she was happy again. She was pretty RIPE yesterday as I do not think the kids get an actual tub or shower bath in the SWI. (We only have a shower in both our rooms.) So we made our way to breakfast where Hongmei wanted no part of a high chair, so I held her and she ate well. We then met with our Guide Cindy, the notary and the register. It was pretty intense as we only had one copy of our TA. (When another family had this issue a few weeks ago I called the Agency and they assured me this was OK, that I got one original copy and the other they I am not happy this came up since I specifically asked about this...but it will evidently be no problem when we get to Guangzhou.) It was no problem for the last family either, but I did check on this before coming here....regardless the register guy left smiling and everything must have been OK according to our guide. We had to put red thumbprints on all our signatures in the paperwork and today Hongmei's footprint went on. While we were doing paperwork, Hongmei slept on the couch in the lobby of the hotel. The SWI director held her and she went to sleep. I was worried how she would behave when she saw them again and at first she would not leave me but after that she did go to the director and didn't want me. Of course she woke up once proceedings were done, just in time to cry as the Director and Nanny left. Once back in our room she was fine. Our guide check's tomorrow on the paperwork and then on Friday we fly to Guangzhou in the evening. I did get to exchange emails with the Director of the SWI and I hope this works out. I told her I could send photos on Hongmei as she grows. She seemed really pleased with this. I also asked about 4 other children who still have waiting families in America. I have sent emails to the moms to let them know their kids are good and the Director mentioned she might send pics to me. That would be great. She was really impressed I knew the moms of some of these children, but there are not so many families waiting for kids from Inner Mongolia, so most of us are in the IM yahoo group! As I type this Hongmei is sitting on the desk beside me putting cheerios in a variety of cups and moving them back and fourth. She emptied out a packet of wipes and now has crayons in the container and takes them in and out. She eats anything we hand her so we have realized we have to be careful not to overfeed her. She is sticking to me like glue which is good but she does let Chuck and Poppy do some things. She has had a dry diaper all day, letting me know when she has to go! She does not drink from a cup very well and didn't quite have the hang of the sippy cup so we purchased one bottle just for bedtime and bonding. I think she is delayed a little for her age, but mentally she is very smart, so I do not think it will take her long to catch up. She is incredibly tiny, so we did purchase formula as the nannie told us today she is on stage 2. (Try to find that in China, luckily Chuck has not been afraid to explore---he loves it, so we found all we needed, including luggage for Hongmei!) Today we went with our guide Cindy for lunch at almost feels like home when we eat there. Hongmei ate a little of a hamburger and some fries and then Baba got her an ice cream. He tried to give her a bite and she shook her head "no", but I took the spoon and she ate several bites full. She would not take it from Chuck or Poppy but took it from me or Cindy. There are not a lot of choices here where the staff speak English and ordering food is difficult. We got all kinds of stares today being out with Hongmei. I am sure in this area it isn't very common to see a caucasion family with an Asian little girl. It takes very little to entertain this little person but she is very busy. How is it the nanny held her and she slept and for 2 hours now, no nap for us....Only 10 more days until we come home....We are all so homesick and I miss Dakota terribly, but this is an important mission and GOD IS GOOD!I am hoping as soon as we get to Guanzhou we will have better internet to post pictures. Waiting two years and then get here and nothing works...what a pain....but we are happy!

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You are now a forever family! It's hard to believe that Shiloh is finally in your arms after all this time. God is GREAT!! It sounds like she's getting more comfortable with you all the time. I can't wait to see pictures and we can't wait to meet her soon!