Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Sorry I have not posted before now, but as you all know life with a baby.....
We waited in our room yesterday until about 12:10pm and our guide called to say that Shiloh was here, only right now we are calling her Hongmei. She came to our room with the Orphanage Director, a Nanny and a driver. She was fine at first and would walk as long as she stayed right with the director. Mom got to watch the whole first hour with her on Skype. She would hide behind the director and shake her head "no" when I aked her in Mandarin if I could hold her. While the Director and all were here, she would say: Mama, Baba, YeYe for all three of our names. She put a sticker on each of us and would bring us a toy when told to. Chuck and I took turns completing paperwork which our guide Cindy made easy for us. (The big paperwork comes this morning.) The director gave us some art work and pictures of Hongmei which are just priceless. She also returned to us the 2 cameras that we sent and the cameras for a friend. She gave us the pillow, blanket, outfit, and panda backpack. We have a pile of paperwork in Chinese, Cindy said she would help us interpret later. When the staff left, which happened quickly Hongmei cried hysterically for over an hour. It was incredibly hard for us, as we knew how afraid she must be. The funny thing was right in the middle of the screaming she stopped and said, "mama" and pointed to her runny nose for me to wipe it. So I think they have rehearsed her on who we are. Finally as she calmed down, we sat on the bed holding her and she let me give her water...she was so sweaty and tired from the trip and the crying. Then she also let Chuck hold and feed her. At one point she sat in Chucks lap and cried big silent tears....these are the worst. We tried getting her to sleep, but I think her two hour nap in the car had done the job. So finally we ended up on the floor playing with her and amazingly her personality began to emerge. She loves the "my little pony" with the brush. She laughs when the brush tangles in the pony's hair and she let our big giggles, that were followed by incredible belly laughs. She made eye contact and interacted with both of us. She was eating a chicken nugget by breaking off little bites her self and she thought it was funny to put them in her mouth quickly for us to laugh. She has this little way of cutting her eyes at you while we play, so funny. She kicked the ball with Chuck around the room. We filled an entire DVD just all the playing and her laughing much of the time. Later when my Dad returned to our room, she would take the little pony brush and try to brush all our hair. We have noticed that she eats every speck of food and is worried if she drops something. She does not like to be dirty on her hands or to have anything out of it's place. We stayed in our room the entire day with her, until evening, we thought we would walk her to the lobby to let her see the water. She let Chuck hold her but once there she began to cry...just not sure I suppose, so back in our room she was fine and playing again. Hongmei is so small, if she weighs 20 pounds I would be shocked. She is a good eater, but will eat all we give her, so we just let her snack and have little by little. She didn't like oatmeal so we will try grits later, but I am sure she will eat off the breakfast bar today. Right now she is having a few dry cheerios. This morning she is quiet and as yesterday seems to prefer me, although she doesn't mind Chuck feeding her. She is potty trained on number 1 and 2 and she slept all night until 5am here!!! She will not let us take her clothes off, but we need to get her a bath. (Only we have a shower wand and not a tub....we'll see how it goes.) She has a few misquito bites and she will show me and I rub them and I will say so sorry and she loves that. She is very smart about things but I think unsure of what she should or should not do with us. She would take her bread and a french fry and her pony and either hide them behind her back, wanting us to try to get them, or hide them in her dress and laugh when I acted like "where are they". So we have made it through the first moments and are really enjoying her. We have seen the great wall and lots of other amazing things but so far this is the best part of our trip. Now that awful flight suddenly seems worth it.


Anonymous said...

Our prayers are answered. She arrived safe and sound. It sounds like she's opening up and playing around to see how you will react - just like Dakota and Kaylynn do. I can't wait to see the pictures and video and I know that Kaylynn can't wait to meet her once you are back home and settled (me too!). We're still praying for you!



andrea said...

i am so HAPPY for you guys...she sound PERFECT...i've prayed since we began talking last october 09 that shiloh would know in her heart you guys are her parents...we NEED pictures...i'm so glad you have her finally and she's happy and healthy...if she's 20# she and emma are the same weight emma turns 3 july 5...tiny tiny tiny...
may God's blessing continue to flow abundantly.

can't wait to meet shioh,

Ginger said...

Sounds great so far!! I am SO happy for you!! That little girl's gonna be following you around in no time. Congratulations, Mama and Daddy!! And Dakota!!!

sbtate said...

Congratulations Turner Family!!! Glad to hear things went smoothly for Gottcha Day. Shiloh is just beautiful. Happy that she is finally with her family and adjustment if going well. We can't wait to see the first pictures of Dakota holding her, she's such a wonderful big sister and we are so proud of her!

Brandy and Lauren

Anonymous said...

Prayers answered and Dreams Come True. I've read the gottcha entry several times and have tears and smiles. I can't wait to meet my future daughter in law:)
She sounds like she has such a cute personality. Love that she stopped crying for you to wipe her nose. So happy she loves the My Little Pony. I'm going out tomorrow and buy her and Dakota more of them.
Love to all,

Tracey said...

Oh the joy! Congrats...gotcha day finally. Can't wait to see and hear more about your journey. We can't wait to get there ourselves. Enjoy every minute there and beautiful little Shiloh.

Andrea said...

So excited for all of you! Sounds like she is really warming up to you and has quite the personality!!!! Already potty trained...yippee. Enjoy your new little one.

Andrea in Wyoming

Kathy M. said...

Hey Kim!
I am having a hard time getting the skype to connect our call. I don't know if it is on your end or mine. I am having withdrawals already!!!! That precious Hong mei is so adorable. I just can't get enough of seeing her and hearing that sweet voice talk!
I am so happy that things are going so well!!! All of the prayers have worked!! God let her know who her forever family is!!! I can't wait to give her a real hug and kiss next week!!!!!!
My love to you all! Keep trying to skype me!

Diann said...

Kim- Sounds like things are going great in Hohhot! I can't believe it has been two months since we were there! Shiloh sounds precious! I can't wait to see the pictures and see her transformation from the pictures I sent you of her with our little Chloe at the orphanage.
Hey if you read this while in Hohhot I have a HUGE favor. If while you are out and about Hohhot or anywhere in Inner Mongolia, you see a white hankie, would you consider buying it for me. I will of course reimburse you for it and shipping. While we were in our others chinese daughters province we bought her a white hankie for her wedding day. and we forgot to do this for Chloe. We got home and were going through the things we bought and was so sad I for got this!!!
Just if you are at a store and you see one. Concentrate on your sweet girl and we will keep praying for your family and watching your journey.

Love Diann