Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My mentors for adopting from China...

I do not want to let these two ladies go unmentioned in how they have both played an important part in us making plans and adopting from China. Kathy is a close friend I have known since I was in middle school. I watched as she adopted her first daughter from China as a single mom and then later, while I was pregnant with Dakota, she brought her second daughter home from China. She made adopting looks so easy and started the wheels turning in me back in 2000. Still, she has reminded me over and over that INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION is not for the faint of is a tough process. (She was right!) Her daughters are so very special to us as is she and I think she has enjoyed being there for us with questions and answers, though the new Hague process has been overwhelming to us all. As we progressed in our adoption and eventually transferred from our first agency, I caught myself wondering why we were even with the first agency to begin with. Why had God lead us there only for us to end up finding Shiloh with another agency? Nothing really against my first agency, but the only answer I have for this is that we met Brandi and Trent. They have two beautiful birth daughters and we enjoyed their journey to their son Talent (from China) last year. Brandi has been full of answers for paperwork and processes since she recently went through the process herself. I will have to say about both of these ladies...they have been there for us and helped as they could with process, paperwork and prayer. Both are looking forward to our journey to Shiloh and cannot wait to meet her too. Once you have adopted from China, you love to be able to relive all the memories as someone else goes through their process. I hope they both enjoy the ride with us and I hope our children will always be best friends.

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