Thursday, April 1, 2010

Updated Photos...

These priceless photos were a surprise that came in the middle of the night from China. Look how much Shiloh has grown, of course she is bundled for the winter and her little red cheeks prove how cold it is in Baotou. The Orphanage answered a few of our questions stating that she drinks from a cup, loves snacks and though she does not smile much she is snappy but not strong willed. The nannies have said they think she will make a great leader one day! The little boy in the picture is her closest playmate Dang Fu Jun---isn't he cute too! She calls him "Gu-GU" which means older brother. (We got these pictures through Red Thread China. I had thought they would come after sending a care package and never got anything. I emailed Ann at Red Thread and she had forgotten to send them.) I am so happy I decided to ask! I opened these pictures this morning before work and could not take my eyes off her....isn't she beautiful and so petite.

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