Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I-800 approval!!!

Our I-800 was approved--we got notice via email today!!! This is the last big step that we had to complete from what I understand. Now we wait on processes that lead to our TA-(Travel Approval!) The 24th of this month (April) is 2 years since we started the adoption process. Two years is a long time to live day to day knowing your child is waiting but not be able to find her or get her home. When I look back there were so many hurdles physically and emotionally. Forms to complete, items to mail as quickly as possible to then just sit for months with nothing but the unknown wait ahead of us. It took us a while to figure out this international adoption process and with help from my "Renegade" friends, we found the most beautiful child Hongmei waiting just for us where we were not looking. It has now been 4.5 months since we first viewed the pictures of our little girl, and 4.5 months of trying to wait each day patiently. While our wait will continue for a little longer, we now are hopefully on the down hill slide. We are thinking we will travel in June, early or late we are not sure. It is still a waiting game but for the first time in 2 years, I feel like this is really going to happen. We are really going to China and we are really going to meet our daughter and bring her home. I have to thank God for that...he has been with us the entire way, as he planned this family long before we were ever born. Please pray for us as we make preparations for this journey. Please pray for our safe travel with Poppy and for Dakota and Nana who will remain home. Please pray that Shiloh will understand we are her forever family and that she will not have a hard adjustment learning to love us.

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