Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Finding ad...

I was able to order Shiloh's finding ad today. (When a child is found, the orphanage has to run an ad in the paper for so many days, usually with a picture of the child and where the child was found.) So the company rep called and said he had Shiloh's add, and he also had the original newspaper as well. He is going to translate it and have it sent to us. Apparantly, Shiloh's ad was placed in Feb. this means she was not placed for adoption until after her surgeries, as this is usually done right after birth. My guess is they waited until she had her repair....I hope to be able to research or ask exactly what happened. One day, for her, I think it will be important to find all we can about the details of her early life. I was actually hoping for a new picture with the finding ad, but my guess is it might be one that we already have.

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