Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Big Sister...

I have spent a lot of time on here talking about Shiloh and all the plans, so today I wanted to talk about the "big sister". This is a role that Dakota has already been taking so seriously. I have to say that it has been Dakota who has prayed daily for this little sister whom she thought would show up wrapped in a tiny blanket. (So of course with her first glimpse she quickly summed up "baby Shiloh" with "THAT IS NOT A BABY!") But she has carried a picture of Shiloh to school for show and tell. She now prays that her sister is warm and fed and has toys. She tells me she is going to hold her first when we bring her home and that she will sit her in "time out" if that is needed. (This is going to be interesting.) I will still have to say that it has been Dakota who has continued to remember Shiloh with prayers daily for over 21 months and this is in spite of not understanding the wait. She was 3 when we started this journey of adoption, how on earth could she have understood these months of waiting when I could not even understand it myself. She has often asked me "Mommy are we ever going to get our baby Shiloh?" Of course I always tried to reassure her while myself wondering if we would ever make a trip to bring a baby named Shiloh home. Everything Dakota draws at school with family, she includes Shiloh and has for months. She says she will teach Shiloh to count and how to say her ABC's. She already wants me to buy her a "big girl" carseat so Shiloh can have her other one. I think she will be good with Shiloh but I also think she will be jealolus as she has had our undivided attention for 4.5 years.

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