Thursday, May 29, 2014

Shiloh and Jesus


So, Shiloh has made the decision to follow Jesus! She has been talking with us and our youth pastor Adam for some time. This isn't something we have pushed her to do, but something she has done on her own. Some people might look at this and think because she is only 6 that she is to young. Funny, but Dakota made the same decision at that very same age. My theory is she is not too young when she won't let go of pushing to make things happen. I just think it is amazing that this little girl who entered out life only four short years ago, from Baotou Inner Mongolia, has gained a heart to follow her savior. she might have never had that opportunity if she had remained in China. I know we will all continue to enjoy watching her amazing life unfold into the beauty it was meant to have and this is just the start. Congratulations little girl. Mom, Dad and Dakota are very proud of you!

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