Sunday, November 13, 2011

Shiloh Turns Four!!!

Shiloh turned 4 on cool is that? She was so excited about having a birthday and has been counting down the days! She thought it was taking much too long. She had cupcakes with her friends at daycare at Pre-K 3 on Friday and she had a party with friend and family at home on Saturday! Then we spent the evening at Monkey Joe's jumping and playing. So a year and four months since we brought Shiloh home and she has made so much progress with her growth and speech...she is an amazing little girl. She is recognizing letters and numbers and is writing her name pretty good. She is incredibly smart, figuring things out to our amazement. Recently she decided to cut her hair and hid the hair in her closet and the sissors under her bed. When Chuck found the hair and showed her she said it was Dakota's hair. (Dakota has blond hair...) We finally got the truth out of her. We have also found that when there is something she wants or that is special to her, she hides it under her dressor. We were missing Dakota's DS game for several weeks and that is where we found it. She is pretty sneaky, but we sure have a good time with her!


Brandi said...

Happy 4th Birthday Shiloh!!!
We love you!
The Holloways

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

I know we shouldn't have laughed, but I have to admit that we did! Lucky for you Dakota does have blonde hair! :)

Happy Birthday Shiloh!

Please give her a big hug from me!

Tammy & Family

andrea said...

Happy Birthday Shiloh...sorry we missed your special day....let's get together so our girls can play.