Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More on Gotcha day and Shiloh

After a night of battling the computer to get something on the blog, I decided to try again this morning.
More on Shiloh:
***She still gets nervous and shuts down a little when there is a lot of excitement or commotion. She will want me or Chuck to hold her and for the most part, lot's of hugs and reassurance help. It is usually when there is a big crowd of people she doesn't know.
***She thrives on routine and so when we travel she gets a little uncertain of what to do. Like camping I have to take things to keep her busy or she will become whiny and want to be held the entire time. I think she gets board becasue Dakota enjoys fishing with Dad and that is a little boring for her. She really hates bugs and all, so maybe that is the problem.
***She has grown up so much this year. I realized this last month she is really not a baby anymore but a little girl. The social worker asked me about this on her 12 month visit. She said another mother was having a lot of trouble with this one. I told her I kind of expected it as we had planned on a 3 year old. (But I do so wish I would have been able to hold and take care of her as an infant.)
***She doesn't prefer a booster seat or high chair and prefers to stand when eating. This makes waitresses nervous at restaurants, but we do try to at least encourage her to sit on her knees. In our kitchen she stands in the regular chair and eats just fine.
***Shiloh calls Chuck "Baba" and Dakota "Jie Jie" which comes out "eh eh". Dakota now even calls herself Jie Jie. (Big sister!)
***She loves animals unless they are bigger than she is and then she gets a little concerned. She carried our puppies around until they grew too big and now chase her around the back yard.
***She hates to take any medicine when she is sick and so we have to ask for it in pill form so she can chew it. (Sometimes that still doesn't work.) We have to make deals and promise treats to get her well, Luckily she is not sick very often.
***Shiloh will ride in the stroller sometimes, but it is a battle I think because Dakota gets to walk.
There are so many more things I could write about but I have probably blogged most of them before his anyway. I know this time last year...when the call came I wanted to panick as they were bringing her to our room. At that point it was so scarry knowing that she would be afraid of us. It was hard that first day but not for long. She is so easy to love. Out and about I notice looks from people or double takes. Probably becasue we are now a multicultural family. Most are just curious I suppose. The funny thing is that those looks remind me we adopted. Sometimes I forget that she is new to us and it feel like she has always been here. I am thankful that God knew this story long before I did. When I was dealing with fertility issues I could not see this plan. I am blessed to have given birth and I am certainly blessed to have loved a child I didn't have any idea about until a picture we got on Nov. 18th, 2009. It was a long journey either way but a wonderful place to be now!


andrea said...

God bless you...shiloh is an AMAZING little girl and i am so HAPPY to know her. your a GREAT mom.

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Alot of those things sound really familiar with Luke - no stroller - no sitting in a high chair or booster. But he loves his medicine! Craziest thing I've ever seen! :)

Can't wait to see you guys!