Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shiloh gets her ears pierced!!!

When Dakota was born, I took her to get her ears pierced at about 2 months old. It was not a fun day. I had to be the one to hold her down and then she moved so even today one of the holes in her ear is not straight through but angled. Luckily it still looks fine from the front! Once home with Shiloh I thought about taking her but put it off. I just thought I would wait until she asked me about it one day. Shiloh is always looking at blogs of her friends from China and recently she saw Hope and Emma got their ears pierced. She wanted her ears done with pink! I told Chuck he had to do Shiloh's since I did Dakota's. We were out running errands yesterday and had mentioned to Shiloh we could go and get her ears pierced. She seemed happy about it, but we had to run some things home first. She was highly upset about that, so we knew she was ready. She thought we were staying home and she pitched a tantrum about it. So off we went again to Claires to get the deed done. She was very brave and luckily the ladies did both ears at the same time. She didn't move but then needed Mama for a minute. She had a few tears but wanted to see herself in the mirror. She was all smiles after that.


Waiting for Emily said...

She is SO brave! They look adorable and Shiloh's hair has gotten so long!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

She is a brave girl! It took Joy until age 11 to have hers done! She said I should have taken her when she was a baby! lol! And I do love Shiloh's longer hair!