Thursday, April 28, 2011

3 Months into the Journey...

So three months since surgery I have lost 23.5 pounds. I have had 3 weeks of no real loss, which is frustrating, but I get another fill on Monday which should change things up a bit. I can tell the difference in my clothes so that is plus. I have been able to tell when I am full and have learned to stop in time before feeling too full which is not a good thing for a bandster. Out for dinners, I am making healthier choices most of the time and cannot eat all I order as I use to. In fact there are times that me and both girls share an entree...hey, I am a cheap date now! I am looking forward to the next fill on Monday so I can hopefully feel fuller sooner so I eat even less. The doc said last time with 1 or 2 more fills I should be where he wants me. I am ready to get there!

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