Monday, January 10, 2011

Forever Home 6 months...

Jan. 2nd marks our 6 months home with Shiloh!!! (Finally had time to write about it since we are "snowjammed" in the house.) So many people ask how she is doing and some how we are doing...and I think we have reached a "New Normal" as a family of four! Things flow more smoothly now and we mostly have a routine through the week with not much of a routine on the weekends. We just met with our social worker for our 6 month update that goes to China. Here are some more things about Shiloh:
She loves baby dolls and rocking the baby or pushing the baby in the stroller, telling us goodbye complete with full princess costume, sunglasses and a purse as if she is going shopping. She will begin dancing out of the blue if music comes on and she does this slow, arms held high swaying as if even fast music were slow. She sings to the top of her lungs, songs she doesn't know all the words to, but she sings anyway. She carrys her puppy Hannah around, although as Hannah grows that is harder for her to do...poor Hannah sometimes doesn't know what hit her. She still prefers meat most of the time but will eat almost anything and when dinner is served she is the first to the table, inspite of play. She is still protective of the food on her plate...not good at sharing unless you ask and it can take her a full hour to eat. Her favorite screams are heard as Baba chases both girls through the house and they run to hide. Still potty trained, although she has to have help to get on the potty she is so small, pull ups for night most of the time. She Loves to have us read books to her and wants to read the story books about chinese adoption that we have and she calls it "Mei Mei's China" not "Jie Jie's China"-One she has up on Dakota and she is proud that China is hers. She laughs and plays hard from morning until night, most of the time with only about an hour and a half nap if we are lucky. She knows the toys that are hers and she loves her room. Her speech isn't always clear but everyday we understand more and more and she knows everything we are saying. I think she will be fine by the time she goes to school and if not speech will continue there. She is so funny all the time and loves making us laugh as much as she laughs. When we first started this journey to adopt, there were so many unknowns and so much to worry and wonder about....if I had known it would be this good once we settled we would not have worried so much. I think there are kids that have a hard time adjusting but I think the majority do just fine to know they are home and loved no matter what. If anyone out there is thinking about adoption...we are proof enough it is a wonderful thing.

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Waiting for Emily said...

Thanks for encouraging me not to worry! It is good to know that you all are adjusting well! It is hard not to worry when you are on this side of an adoption however when I see Shiloh's sweet pictures it make me even more anxious to complete our journey!