Thursday, November 18, 2010

One Year Ago Tonight

One year ago on tonight....we first knew Shiloh was ours. We got her file after another family "made a different decision".  What an amazing twist of fate. We were told we could have about a week to make our decision, but it took less than twenty minutes of reading all her paperwork to decide she was our daughter. Something just felt right, even though we had concerns about her health, about her being over age many things could have changed our minds, but God knew this was our child and all the decisions became easy.  From that point it took us seven and a half months to actually make the trip to get her home. All the waiting, time, emotions and paperwork seemed to take forever....the not knowing how and when was the hardest part of the waiting. I remember all the steps...Pre-approval, Transfer, which took way too long, Letter of Acceptance, all the government Hague paperwork and then finally Travel Approval. Way too much red tape and us waiting 7000 miles away seemed so long and so far....But now Shiloh has been home for almost 5 months.....what an amazing journey for all of us! So many people tell us she is a very lucky girl.....but when it comes down to it...we truly are the lucky ones.

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Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Yes, Shiloh was definitely meant to be part of you family and I know what you mean....we (as the adoptive parents) are the blessed ones!