Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dakota gets a haircut...

Dakota has been asking for more than a year to have her hair cut short. I have been reluctant to allow her to cut it, but she has been persistant and so I gave in and we went to great clips today to make it happen. It really is cute!!! She was all smiles and kept going to mirrors to check it out once we were home. Saturnday, Chuck and the girls got out all the Halloween decorations and decorated the inside and outside of the house. Shiloh was right in the middle of it all, so much fun to watch her see all the new things with lights. (Can't wait until Christmas this year!) We enjoyed an afternoon outside today. The weather is cooler and we were not eaten alive by misquitos...fall is here!


Millie and Juan said...

I love the cut. She looks really cute. God Bless!!

Brandi said...

Super Cute!
The girls are going to have sooo much fun at the zoo!
We can't wait!

Kasey Skala said...

Dakota's haircut looks great and I'm glad she's so happy with it.

Those are some great Halloween decorations. I like the monster car one!

Thanks again and we appreciate your business.

Kasey Skala
Great Clips, Inc.

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

It's adorable, Kim! She's a cutie!