Saturday, August 14, 2010


Ok, so I am not into hair and all he frilley girl stuff, but God gave me these two girls both with a mind of thier own. I asked Shiloh is she wanted some hairbows and she brought me three rubber bands. I put a little pony tail on each side but she knew she brought three bands and wanted one more, so I fixed it again like we did in China and she was instantly happy, checking her hair style out in the mirror. She wore this style for two days. I call her Twigs!Shiloh will go to daycare for two days this coming week. (Tues. & Wed.) Not sure how this is going to go for her...she played for a little while as long as I was there on both days we visited. She still kept checking back to see that I was there. I will take her on Tues. and Wed. each week until I go back to work full time....she has to get use to it. Our friends from Savannah came by yesterday. Brandi and Trent have two great daughters and A son from Henan China. Talent is such a cutie and Shiloh's future boyfriend! It was so nice to see them all for a little while. We hope to get to Savannah sometime this fall for another visit with them. Now for tomorrow, trying to get her in the church 2 year old room with her new teacher there. I have gone with her twice, but now tomorrow will be the test. Dakota stayed with her last week but it was the big sister who wanted mom and that didn't work out, so tomorrow Dakota goes with her new teacher in the 5 year old room. Little sis will go to hers and we will see how it goes.


Christy and Kevin said...

Kim, It looks like Shiloh is adjusting very well, and looks so happy. I know you an your family feel so truly blessed! We are still waiting on our TA, and going into our 9th week. I really appreciated all of your information during our phone conversation once you got home. We can not wait to post pictures of Keaton once he home!

Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...

Hi Miss Kim!

Shiloh has grown so much!! I can tell her hair's getting longer, too. Shiloh looks like she's going to be a huge girly girl. :) Good luck with Daycare and her Church Class. The next time that mom and dad aren't working Children's Church I'm going to be working in the Nursery, so we're going to try to bring Luke in there with me. Hopefully he'll have fun and want to come back sometimes!


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Twigs looks adorable! :) LIke it or not, I think you have a girly girl on your hands!

Glad you got to spend time with your friend and her son! He's a cutie too!

Hope all goes well this week with daycare!


Millie and Juan said...

I Love the Twigs!!! She is too cute! and it look like she is adjusting well. I will pray that when she goes to daycare it will go smoothly for you. Take Care.

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Anonymous said...

We had a great visit. Can't wait until Chuck and Trent can swap China stories!
Shi and Tal make such a cute couple don't you think:)