Tuesday, August 3, 2010

There's a first time for everythng...

This evening we had dinner at our favorite Mexican Restaurant and right in the middle of dinner, Shiloh (Who was standing up in the booth beside me) suddlenly said "Mama" and leaned over to give me the biggest hug out of the blue. Chuck got one recently and was tickeled pink about it. Of course we hug her all the time and we ask for hugs and get them, but it is great to get one we didn't even have to ask for. Earlier today, Shiloh, Dakota and I headed out to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta for Shiloh's initial dental check. (I really hate they could not do this when we were there last Friday as all that happened was the Dentist looked inside her mouth for all of a minute or two-of course with her screaming.) Shiloh has a number of cavaties that need to be filled and this is not really a surprise and very common for children who have not had good dental care and this can also be common with Cleft Palate kids. So at this point, we know she will need anesthesia to have all the cavities filled. We have the appointment with the ENT Monday the 9th and so if Shiloh need ear tubes then this can be done along with the dental surgery at the same time. So we will wait another week to see what the pan will be. Shiloh is talking more and more and I love it when she is playing and sings a little Chinese Nursery song...I wish I knew what she was singing, as she hums this tune all the time. The best part of my morning is when she wakes (And she does wake first!) and she lays in bed with me and I tickle her and remind her to giggle quietly as Dakota is still sleeping most of the time. Then when Dakota wakes we all tickle and laugh until we are ready to get up. Dakota usually goes and gets dressed and brushes her hair and teeth, while I do the same for Shiloh. Then I send them to play while I take my shower. This seems to be when they play the best together. I hear lots of giggles and Shiloh copying what Dakota is asking her to say. Dakota is so good with her until evening when everyone needed a longer nap and they aggravate each other. (I remember being a sister and how this work! Love ya Wendi!) So this is our last week home like this as Dakota will start school on Monday the 9th. Then we will have a different routine. Shiloh will start daycare at some point in the next few weeks depending on when her surgery is scheduled. I turned in all the forms and her shot record to the daycare and so she is set to begin when we are both ready! We did meet her Teacher Ms. Felicia and shiloh went to her for a few minutes and then got down to play as we were outside with all the climbing equipment. (She kept an eye on me to make sure I stayed...not sure how it will go when I do have to leave...we will give it a few practice runs before I go back to work.) So As I sit here writing this, both girls are asleep right here beside me. (Haven't moved them to their own beds yet...which I have been doing each night after they are asleep.) I look at Dakota and I cannot believe she is going to kindergarten....how did she get this old? Still, she is very bright and I am excited for her. She has been talking a little about the girl in her class that she sat beside on the bus ride she got Saturday. She also is excited about her iCarly lunch box and her first day outfit. She will do well, but we have to work on an earlier bedtime with her, but that is going to be tough with the little person spinning wildly until afte 10pm most nights. After our dinner tonight we went to a Fayette County Police event for a while. We got both girls fingerprinted and photographed for safety. The girls got to see a helicopter up close and police dogs too. Dakota was able to put out a small fire and see how an extinguisher works. It was a lot of fun from 6 to 8pm but the temperature was still well over 95 and very humid.....

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Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Hey Kim,

How sweet that you got your first hug from Shiloh that she offered on her own! I bet you were grinning from ear to ear! And I see you're getting that Mexican food! We've had it several times since we've been home too!

It sounds like things are working into a nice routine at your house! That's great!

Hope the dental work goes well! Also hope Dakota loves her school and all goes well with that too!

Talk to you soon!