Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Swimming with the fearless....

One afternoon we decided to take the girls swimming at our friend Marie's....they let us use their pool and are close by so that is very nice. I will put a few pictures on as everyone at work is giving me a hard time for not posting. I think, like me when I have followed other blogs, you crave more....so here are some notes and pictures. Today we took Shiloh to the pediatrician. The doc was excited to finally meet Shiloh and was pretty pleased with her progress. Shiloh had to have 2 injections and then we went to the lab to have labs drawn for titers and other info on her. It was upsetting to Dakota that Shiloh had to have shots, but Shiloh did well. I do not think she cried as bad as when we were in China. I am always truthful with my kids about shots. I tell Dakota ahead of time when she will get them and then wit Shiloh today, while I told her in Chinese the doctor would not hurt, I then didn't say the words for no pain when it was time for shots. But I did tell her when things were all done. That seemed to work as she stopped crying for a minute and then cried again showing me her band aids. Next week we will go to the pediatric cardiologist and the following week we go to the Cleft team to see where things are for her. Todays things looked pretty well according to our pediatrician so we are praying for the best. Dakota is doing so well with Shiloh. She helps her potty and gets her drinks and snacks and even give up her toys so Shiloh can have them. Of course she gets a little jelous here and there but overall things are going well. She watches Shiloh sleep giving her kisses, and she likes to dress her when she needs help.

Things about Shiloh:
1) She cuts her eyes when she is either playing or when she is mad.
2) When she is mad she will pout and put her head down....seems like I remember another little girl who did this a few years ago.
3) She does not like to get her hands sticky or dirty.
4) She likes to eat almost anything.
5) She likes to put on her own clothes but does need a little help.
6) She does not like to nap or go to sleep at night. Did I say she is not sleeping???
7) She still drinks and eats better from a bowl.
8) She is a bossy little thing, giving Dakota a run for her money.
9) She likes for Chuck to chase her and she runs to tell me he is trying to get her.
10)She loves hairbows and dresses....(Oh, no we are in trouble with future clothing desires.)
11) She doesn't care much for TV...maybe the language barrier.
12) She loves to read books with us telling her what things are.
13) She is getting more use to the carseat, though this is a challenge
14) She likes to put on Dakota's flip flops and her play high heels and prance around.
15) She likes to play dress up.
16) She doesn't like asparagus and took it right off her plate, spitting and hissing.
17) She really doesn't have a fear of the water in the pool now so we have to watch her closely.
18) She loves to put things in a box and take them back out and she counts...in Chinese but is learning English 1, 2, 3.
19) She likes band-aids and we dare not remove those that have been placed.
20) Show loves cuddles, tickles and kisses!

I would say toddler adoption so far has been a good thing. So many warned me it would be so much harder than the younger babies. Maybe we have not yet hit the meltdown but things are going so well, other than Shiloh's sleep issues which might be a little grieving.

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