Sunday, July 4, 2010

Home Sweet Home...bittersweet!

Sorry I have not posted more often. Jet lagged and tired and hot, we got into Atlanta Friday night the 2nd of July and made our way to Baggage should have heard the crowd! Chuck's family, My family, Great Friends from our Church group, Friends who have their own Children from China and a few more! Tears and hugs...Dakota was first. I could tell Dakota had grown so much since we were gone. I prayed and prayed we could hurry home to her. It was killing me. 17 days is too long to wait...I will never do that again if I can help it. Shiloh eventually warmed up to the crowd with a few smiles and some kisses for her sister and others. It was late when we got home, and our family of four got in one bed and crashed. (Two hours later Shiloh was up and so was Mommy.....I think I remember rest for the weary!) Thank God our families have been here to help so that we can sleep. Shiloh has warmed up to everyone pretty well and is all giggles and smiles. She still prefers me but will go to the Grandma's and big sister pretty easily. As for a routine...that will come. Right now it is the middle of the afternoon and I feel like I want to go to sleep. Nana is giving both girls a bath and Gaga (Chuck's Mom) is doing wash....we are blessed! Dakota is smitten with Shiloh and wants to hold her all the time, but Shiloh is a busy girl and will hardly sit long with anyone! We pulled out the pack and play to serve as he crib for now. She can sleep with Dakota as soon as we get a routine down. Looking back, I was ready to come home the day we got Shiloh, but we did have a pretty good experience in China. One of the saddest things....the bell hop at the hotel in Hohhot...saying he hated China because he was not free. The happiest things...Shiloh's first smiles in opening up to us and meeting friends who have been on the same journey. Welcome home Shiloh, Nathan, Leah and Luke! You are loved and you are home!!! When the jet lagg wears off I will get back to writing more.

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