Friday, June 18, 2010

Really, we are in China!!!

I believe we all went into a coma last night after the long travel! This morning we woke up around 4:30am and then just dozed until 6:00am or so. We had breakfast at the hotel bar and it was amazing....lot's to choose from! American Food too! We took off walking this morning and found a 7-Eleven, KFC and some shopping. Water was first on the list!!! (Actually diet coke since I had a sick stomach!) We met our guide and Christina and Ron to go tour the Summer Palace around 9am. You can look it up for the history which is very interesting. Summer palace is almost like a park. There is a large late and the grounds are really pretty. Summer palace had music and dancing with many ladies and some men dancing all together holding hands in a chain and of course, I got to missing Chuck and there he was ...right in the middle of the chain of dancers! He also had a lady come up for a picture with him which made his must be the blue eyes and height. We saw lot's of little "tushes" in split pants...too funny. I will post pictures from there and a few others. I have enjoyed snapping pictures of the people and things we are not use to seeing. Later we took a walk down the street from our hotel and found a little shop to have lunch...and it was really good. It is kind of interesting trying to order food when we do not speak the language. Luckily Ron helped us! We then took a walk inside the Carafour Shopping center. Chuck had a great time taking pictures of all the strange "meats" for sale. I think it was kind of like a Walmart, anything from lawn chairs and toilet paper to groceries and special shops. We met our guide Jessie here when we came in last night, but today we also met Cindy who will travel with us to Hohhot when we get Shiloh.....only 4 more days until we get to meet our daughter. We have skyped with Nana and Dakota and so that has helped me being 7000 miles away! I almost lost it when She and Nana pulled away from the airport, but I knew I had to keep it together to get Shiloh home. Tomorrow we tour the Great Wall, T-Square and the Forbidden City. It really is nice to get the chance to see the people and tour this country my daughter is from. There is so much history to learn here. More later......this sure is an adventure. We are just pretending like we are on the Amazing Race! KIM:)


Cindy said...

Wow, how exciting. Glad to see that you all made it safely and it is no surprise that Chuck is already dancing with his new found friends! Prayers continue to flow upward for you all. Take care, Cindy

Anonymous said...

take in all you can so you can share it with shiloh one day...4 more days OMG your going to see shiloh in 4 days i am so HAPPY for you both.

God bless