Monday, June 21, 2010

Patiently (or not so patiently waiting)

Well, it is the night before.....we are excited and scared but ready! Hopefully we can sleep tonight but with all the honking outside I am not sure. After over 770 days or so of waiting the moment is finally here! GOD IS GOOD! We are on the 7th floor of a large hotel so tomorrow after breakfast we will come back to our room to wait. Evidently Shiloh and the SWI staff will arrive by bus to our hotel....a 2.5 hour drive from Baotou. Please pray for her safety in travel, in our patience to wait and about her accepting us quickly.


Anonymous said...

Prayers are being said right now. Can't wait to see the pictures tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

We are so happy and excited for ya'll. Can't wait to meet Miss Shiloh! Pray ya'll have safe travel and a glorious meeting.

Love you, Denise

Anonymous said...

I'm not waiting patiently...I want to see pictures...Love y'all...praying!!!

Anonymous said...

Amen about the pictures too!

Paige said...

Kim- Have been following your journey. Amazing! I am praying for you this morning and rejoicing that God has brought you such a wonderful gift. Even more so, what a wonderful gift God has given to Shiloh! Hang in there and know we are cheering you on! Can't wait to see pictures. Much love, Paige (Watson) Havens