Saturday, June 12, 2010

Only a few more days...

Two years, one month, two weeks and 5 days since we started this process. At the time we began all the paperwork and all that it takes to bring a child from China home, we had no idea who Shiloh would be. Now when I look at her picture, I know that she is ours and while the wait for us has seemed long, I know that her wait has been even longer. Right now we are four days from leaving for China, but we are about 11 days from holding her in our arms for the first time. It feels so strange to finally be at this moment. I know she may not be prepared at all for coming into our family but I pray it will not take her long to fit right in. She is already loved by so many people, and so many of you have prayed for us from the start of this process. So as we take off soon on this journey, we again ask for your prayers to cover us in our travel and in Shiloh's comfort with us. We ask that you pray for Dakota and Nana that they will have a special time together and remain safe also. We are so excited and want you all to enjoy this special time with us.....we also want to thank those who have prayed and continue to do so. We have to thank so many family and friends who have supported us in so many different ways.

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