Monday, June 28, 2010

Post 6-27... (Late entry)

We had a restless night again with Ms. Priss. Around 3am she woke and fought sleep and cried for a long time. She eventually went back to sleep but Mama and Baba were tired. We all slept late and later went shopping right next door. We bought the girls two traditional chinese dresses and Shiloh a pair of shoes. We got some gifts for friends and to shop and Poppy helps us bargain with the sales clerks on prices...which I hate doing but that is part of the way of life here from what I understand. Shiloh continues to come out a little more with us each day. This morning we walked around outside the hotel to visit the 7-11 store for some snacks and she allowed Chuck to carry her the whole time. He was all smiles. At the 7-11 Shiloh spotted a grape drink and had a fit, so Baba bought it for her and we put it in the sippy cup and she downed the whole thing. This is an incredible hotel. Very fancy and huge. There is a Starbucks right downstairs that I plan to wear out each day! This afternoon at 3pm, I had to meet our guides in the business center of the hotel to complete some more paperwork. I left Shiloh with Chuck and Dad and spent about 40 minutes downstairs. Luckily we are Hague so it didn't take too long. The Non-hague Families had a few hours of this. (Kind of stressful though.) Now we sit and worry all the details are OK. The good thing is that Chuck and Poppy had a great time playing with Shiloh and though she asked about Mama, she didn't cry. Now that we are on the downhill slide of this journey, I am feeling better. I just miss Dakota so bad. (Not long Now sweet girl, you are being so grown up staying with Nana and Aunt Wendi.) Tonight we are headed to dinner with our group. It is a lot of fun to go with the other families and see the babies. I think dinner is traditional chinese food. (Wish they had a Mexican Restaurant here or at least a Taco bell!!!) OK, so I went to sleep last night and didn't post. Sorry about not having something out there now that I can. Well, we went to dinner last night at a local place we could walk to. Baba held Shiloh who was sleeping and probably 10 families went. I knew I was in trouble when we got to the place and there was a baskit of live happy little ducks (poor things had no idea they would soon be dinner) and then more hacked up alligator parts, live snakes (Sorry mom), frogs, any kind of fish live in tanks, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, and then a fully cooked baby pig....I was sick before we got to the meal. Still, once inside our guides ordered for everyone a cantonese style family dinner, again everything on a big lazy susan and you help yourself to whatever you like. Of course the weird dishes arriving were not enough for Chuck, he ordered Alligator stir fry on the side! (Dakota, daddy ate alligator and he and the guide are going back one night to sample all the other "yuk" things.) Poppy, Shiloh and I will visit the good hotel food places. But for the most part dinner was uneventful with tired families and babies. Shiloh seems to be most content playing in our two adjoined rooms and running back and fourth. She really opened up to Chuck and Poppy yesterday. So girlfriend slept a little better last night. She still woke three times but I have found the secret is to let her cry and keep patting her on the bottom and back. If I pick her up she cries worse and will not go to sleep. So today we are doing really well! She will still not sit in the high chair, but she sat in the chair beside Poppy for breakfast this morning. She feeds herself like a champ and she now lets me get out of her sight sometimes. She will ride in the stroller a little but not much. She really screams when we try to buckle her into anything...maybe being buckled has not been a pleasant thing in her past? So we are not trying that again One thing at a time.


Tracey said...

Thanks for keeping us's so amazing to watch the journey and the kids transform before your eyes. Hang in there with the sleep...yeah for shopping and Mickey D!! Just a few more days and you are home as a family of four!!

Cindy said...

What a great time you are having! You can easily see that Shiloh is falling in love with you all. She is so happy in the pictures. Can't wait to see you all.

Anonymous said...

hi all