Monday, May 24, 2010

TA .......Shiloh Here we come!!!

Our agency called this morning before lunch to tell us we got TA (Travel Approval.) We should leave on the 16th of JUNE!!!! I was adding up the days last week and if we leave on the 16th, we will have waited 783 days to get to that point and a few days longer to hold Shiloh in our arms. I think we sometimes wondered if we would ever get to this point in the process. I have watched other families get their children for way over two years now and would hear of someone getting TA, and wondered how that must feel....well now I know. It feels like it is actually happening. The reality of being handed a 2 and a half year old who probably has no clue who we are is pretty overwhelming, but so was the moment I first got to hold Dakota. I have no idea how this is all going to go, so it is nice to know that God is in charge!
The Journey by Date:
04-24-08 Initial Agency Meeting
04-25-08 Approval to Adopt in China
05-10-08 Agency Orientation of process
05-10-08 Begin Building Dossier
06-04-08 #1 and #2 Home Study Completed
06-10-08 #3 Home Study Complete
06-17-08 #4 Home Study Completed
07-13-08 I-800 to Immigration for Fingerprints
09-05-08 Fingerprinting
12-04-08 I-797c Recieved from immigration
12-11-08 All 13 Dossier Documents Complete and to Agency
12-24-08 DTC-Documents to China
12-29-08 LID-Log in Date with China
05-4-10 Special Needs Checklist Submitted
09-02-09 Home Study Update #1 to NICIS
11-18-09 Recieved Shiloh's File from New Agency
11-25-09 LOI-Letter of Intent sent to China
12-01-09 PA-Pre-Approval from China
01-14-10 Fingerprinting Update
01-22-10 Transfer and New LID with New Agency
03-22-10 LOA-Letter of Acceptance
04-06-10 I-800 Approval
04-09-10 Cable
04-16-10 NVC Letter
05-04-10 TA-Travel Approval
06-16-10 through 7-2-10 Travel
06-22-10 GOTCHA DAY!!!!
06-30-10 CA-Consulate Appointment

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