Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dakota...ready for kindergarten!!!

I spent this week on a trip to Nashville for work, so Nana and Poppy took Dakota to her elementary school for her pre-testing for kindergarten. She made 99 out of 100 on all the questions and tasks they asked her about. (And the one question she missed, she corrected a few questions down, but it was too late to count!) The teacher told Nana and Poppy that she had done very well and that she was ready for kindergarten....(I hope I am!) So needless to say, we are incredibly proud of her abilities and know that she will do well. (The sad part is miss type A personality was worried about the one that she missed and thought we would be way, so we are really playing it up about how proud we are!) I have been the working mom who has worried if she was on target so this is a great relief. Ice Cream for everyone!!! Thanks again Nana and Poppy!

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