Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Word on our cable......

Today Chuck contacted the National Visa Center (NVC) and was told that our form/info was cabled to Guangzhou on April 9th!!! This is yet another process complete. We are now waiting on our NVC letter in the mail and once we get it, then we send a copy to our agency. From there we wait to recieve word from CCAA in China that we have travel approval (TA).....I cannot believe I am actually sitting here typing this. For way over two years I have been reading about other families at this point, thinking we may never get there....and here we are. It is really happening. We are going to China. Shiloh HongMei Turner will no longer be just a picture.....amazingly, I have been listening to a CD on how to speak in Mandarin Chinese that was made for adoptive families. lt is actually starting to sink in. I will be able to tell her I am her mommy, ask her if she is hungry or thirsty or if she needs to potty. These things could be important I think! So anyway, I cannot predict now just how long but I think we may know sooner than later about TA, given how fast these last processes have gone. I won't predict late May or early June, but I am sure hoping for either. I remember back in November when we first got the profile on Shiloh, I thought it would be such a long time to make it to Spring and it is here! Shiloh is almost here!

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