Saturday, March 27, 2010

Planning and getting ready....

I am a list maker and planner by nature....I get that from my very organized mom-Thanks Mama! So this weekend I took out my adoption packing list and crossed off all the items I have been tossing in a drawer for nearly 2 years. My first thought....."How on earth will all of this fit in my luggage when our suit case can only weight 44 pounds in China and our backpack should not weight more than 11 pounds?????" So I narrowed down a few things. Took some things off the list and then went out shopping to get a few of the missing items. (I still do not know how it is going to happen.) I know some of this we pack we will never use, but it is hard to decide what we should take and what we should omit. I always over pack but this is a tough one! Of course I am not packing right now, just kind of piling up what we need and checking the list! I washed all the clothes for Shiloh today that I plan to pack. Nana got us some really cute clothes so that she will be the best dressed baby in China! My friend Brandi, who got home with her son last October sent a backpack with Shiloh's name on it and it is so cute. I have packed it full of some toys for Shiloh....we can't take too much, but there is a magna doodle, coloring book and crayons, stuffed bear, finger puppets, play-doh, a few other little toys. I also have pink fingernail polish and lollipops to win her over with. (I had to bribe Dakota with something else to get the fingernail polish!) The hardest part about knowing we are closer to making the trip to china, is that I will be leaving Dakota behind for 14-16 days. I know she will be fine and will have fun with Nana and Aunt Wendi but I will miss her so bad, I think I will cry all the way to China, but this short two weeks will add so much to all our lives. I really have no idea if Shiloh knows anything about us. We have sent her two packages, but we cannot be sure that she got the items. It scares me to think about our first moments with her as I do not want her to be upset or stressed, but this will probably be the case. I have been reading up on toddler adoption trying to be prepared for anything and learning all I can about making her transition easier. If you are a praying person, please pray for our transition as a family, that Shiloh will know we are her parents and that she will accept us easily and that we will love her unconditionally. Please pray for our trip and pray for Dakota and Nana as well while we are gone.

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