Monday, January 25, 2010


We finally got transfer (from the old agency to the new one official in China now) on Friday 1-22-10. We didn't know for sure until late last night. This is a good thing. One more step is complete! Now we can add up the days until LOA (Letter of Acceptance) from China! (This is currently taking some families 60 days or more.) From there we will wait for TA (Travel Approval), which can take another 8 to 10 weeks. While we were hoping to travel as early as April or May, it now appears that it will more than likely be in June. That seems so far away, but it has already been 2 months that we have known who Shiloh is, and there has been so much to do, that the days have passed quickly. Please keep us and Shiloh in your prayers as we'll now begin working on the tasks that will bring her home to her "forever family."


Beach Mama said...

Congratulations I know how momentous each step feels in drawing that red thread closer you!

Lilly's Family said...

Congratulations. I know you had been waiting and waiting. Friends of ours just got LOA at day 52. And another friend who received LOA on day 42 (WOW), got TA only 6 weeks later. June maybe but don't rule out May. I am sure my LID is close to yours although I have not heard yet.

The Straight's said...

Congrats each day is one day closer!