Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Transfer Process....

OK, so our original agency has sent the transfer letter to CCAA in China. (After the first letter had some errors....this is a trying process but I suppose our old agency is not happy we found our child elsewhere.) Now our new agency will send a letter to CCAA that they are accepting us. The process for official transfer can take a month. Meanwhile, immigration got our newest home study so we wait again for another fingerprinting appointment. The good thing is the first renewal is free:) We (thank God) will not have to renew again. Last night we had our picture made as a family holding up Shiloh's picture. We sent her a care package with Red Thread China and that picture will be put on a pillow for her. She will also get some pajamas, a doll, candy for the nannies, a camera so maybe we will get more pictures and a few other little items. Apparently, this agency's owner has the inside connection to sometimes get new pictures...so even though Christmas is not celebrated...Shiloh is getting some love from this side of China.

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