Monday, November 30, 2009


Thanksgiving has had a new meaning for us this year, as we catch ourselves staring intently at the photos of our daughter in China. It looks like our LOI (letter of Intent to adopt) went to China as of last Wed. 11-25-09. This is one of the first things in the process to bring Shiloh home. I did get information about the reason Shiloh was moved out of foster care and back into the orphanage--Social Welfare Institute in Baotou City, Inner Mongolia. The report says that most of the children in that area have been moved back into the orphanage due to the local families heating their homes with Coal. Apparantly this isn't safe due to smoke and fire. So we will have to be thankful for this and the report from the orphanage that she is doing well. This one line is enough for us to be content for now. So as we go through our day, I catch myself wondering if it is 10:00pm at home it is about 10 or 11:00am where she is, so as we are ending our day, she is beginning hers. When she is heading to bed, we are heading to work and Pre-K. One of the reports we got on Shiloh earlier said she loves to watch children's programs and look at books. I am hoping as soon as we get our PA that I can send her some gifts and maybe will get some updated pictures of her. There are some agencies in China that help with this.

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